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Privacy Policy:

Non-Members  -  We thank you for interest in the St Andrew’s Society of NL, either by requesting information or by attending a recent dance (we hold five dances per annum).  It is our intention to extend invitations to dances for up to 4 years (being a median ExPat stay in NL) following the previous indication of interest from you.  If you wish this not to be the case please inform our Secretary, Marion Trap (  The only non-member data we have is the names of those who have attended one of our dances.

StA members - The St Andrew’s Society of  NL membership record shows the member’s (1) membership category (2) name (3) phone number/s (landline and/or mobile) (4) addresses (house and email).  This data is restricted to that necessary for the need of communication to and between members, being a Society with no premises of our own. Membership data is available to all members. The Society does not share this information with any 3rd party. Should a member wish their record amended or deleted, they should inform the Society’s Secretary, Marion Trap (  The Society holds no other information; specifically no sensitive nor special data such as gender, racial/ethnic origin, political opinion, religious belief etc.